Mitch Hammond is one of the original members of the Slippery Otters Paddling Club. He is a musician, outdoorsman, father, and friend. He is also an avid fisherman. Mitch wears a lot of different hats and now blogging is his latest.

Kayak fishing? Well… Do you like fishing? Maybe you’ve never tried it. Do you like kayaking? Again maybe you’ve never tried it. Hi my name is Mitch. And like many others I love both fishing and kayaking. Sometimes I combine the two for an extra special adventurous treat. Now, I don’t mind admitting that I am not a pro at either fishing or kayaking. I am an amateur, but man do I have a lot of fun! I simply grab a rod and reel, sometimes a couple Rod and reels, and I load up my simple little ten foot Sun Dolphin fishing kayak. I grab a little bit of bait and off I go. Now if you own a kayak please understand it doesn’t have to be a “fishing“ kayak. I’m pretty sure that any model kayak can be used for fishing. Some differences may be stability, size etc., but it is totally up to the individual. Use whatever Kayak is most comfortable for you. Although I’m not a pro, I have learned some things through trial and error. For instance, in my opinion, and in my experience, the more comfortable you are, the more likely it is that you will be successful. Now unlike some sportsman, I don’t seek the most expensive fishing gear available. Although I am pretty sure that sometimes better equipment can mean more success, I simply cannot afford it. So, I stick with my favorite rod and reel which is the Zebco closed faced reel and rod combo. There are many models and sizes to choose from. Once again it is totally up to you. When I choose tackle once again I keep it inexpensive. Depending on whether I am going freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing determines what gear I choose for the trip. That’s right… Saltwater fishing in a kayak! I have seen lots of video footage of people catching very large saltwater game fish from a simple small kayak! The same can be said for all freshwater game fish as well. Personally, I have caught a variety of fish right out of my own little kayak including everything from Bream, Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Gar, and Mudfish. The list goes on, and I could not be happier with my own results. I highly recommend kayak fishing to anyone who enjoys nature, the great outdoors and adventure.