Adversity: Food Allergies

AKA I am hungry, but I don’t want to get sick.

Lunch was delicious and very Costa Rican. This is where having a concierge/guide/driver/translator comes in handy. I hired a wonderful Costa Rican gentleman named Jose who runs Passport Adventures.

Jose, Passport Adventure

I have to be careful whenever I eat because I have Celiac disease and get sick when I eat anything with gluten in it. Jose explained my issue with the waiter who brought over the manager who took me to meet the chef. The chef is his Momma. I love this place. The bottom line: the food tasted great and I didn’t get sick. Jose has looked out for me before and he has done the same for my daughter and granddaughter (both have Celiac). I really enjoy Latin style food and I often eat at places which are referred to as typical, rustico, cafe’, etc.. It is easy to find good food in Costa Rica. Since I have Celiac I have to avoid gluten, wheat protein. It isn’t all that hard. I avoid wheat flour and fried foods (the grease gets contaminated by frying goods with flour batter). I eat fresh fruits and veggies. There are lots of interesting and delicious foods to try. When in doubt I suggest you go with the local stuff. I always try to eat clean and simple. I avoid processed foods, casseroles, and sauces because the more complicated the recipe the more likely that there is something hidden in the dish that will make me ill. You should always ask lots of questions and don’t assume that they know what ‘gluten free’ (substitute your food allergy/sensitivity here) means. When in doubt eat simple foods and avoid things that were deep fried. If you do that you should be just fine.