What a beautiful day! I am back in Costa Rica. This trip will be unique because my wife and I are taking her parents to Costa Rica to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. There will be paddling (whitewater and ocean) as well as hiking and zip lining, birdwatching, flowers, wildlife, and volcanos. There will be Pacific sunsets, spa time, and delicious food. This first day is about airports, great food, a coffee farm tour, and a beautiful lodge.

Adversity: Traversing the airports

Travel = Stress
For many the stress of travel is just too much. Some just don’t travel or they avoid it. Others medicate and over pack. I cannot tell you that I don’t feel stress. I do, but I work hard to reduce it as much as possible. Here are some tips that help to reduce adverse experiences when traveling. We had a great first day. Everything related to the airport experience went very smoothly, and it wasn’t by chance. This family knows how to pack!

TIP #1

Everyone got all their clothing and such into two bags each. We all have one carry-on bag that went into the overhead bin and a backpack that stowed under the seat. Traveling light and small alleviates so much stress and I travel in part to reduce stress not to make more.

TIP #2

Stephanie checked us in online and got everyone’s boarding passes the day before our flight. We found out then that we had gotten the coveted TSA Pre-check that gets you through security screening quickly.

TIP #3

Empty your pockets and try to avoid wearing or carrying anything metal. Even my belt buckle is made of plastic.

TIP #4

Check the monitors that list departing flights. You need to make sure there have been no changes in your departure time or gate number. I hope all of you have the good fortune we did today. We got there plenty early and had no problems.

Pura Vida!


Photo: Stephanie’s parents Jan and Steve – celebrating their 50th Anniversary!