Today we paddled Rio Savagre. Actually we paddled the upper Savagre and the lower commercial section. I have rafted the lower section a number of times. Today was my first time on the upper.

Rio Savagre was greatly effected by the storms that flooded much of Costa Rica this rainy season. The bridge at the old put in is gone. The suspension bridges are gone. Farmland, villas, and lodges are gone. My landmarks are all gone. All of it became part of the river. The river has changed. It is still changing. It will continue to evolve until the dry season kicks in and the river course stabilizes.

The drive to the put in on the upper Savagre required 4X4’s. We drove on one-lane tracks, forded a river, and made a number of steep climbs. On the way one vehicle broke down (radiator problem) forcing us to consolidate and shuttle using the remaining vehicle. No one got stressed. No one got angry. We just continued on. Mr. Ramirez, the owner of the rafting company, and I had an interesting chat about success. Antonio (raft guide) and I walked and talked our way to the put in. He is an amazing young man. We did our safety talk and began our trip. The sunny day went dark. It started to rain. It was a stinging chilly rain. But it was beautiful. We saw and played in a lovely waterfall. We ate fresh cut pineapple and drank water. We crushed a rock into pigment and gave ourselves war paint. We paddled. We laughed. We splashed each other. We teased each other. We got wet and then wetter and some of us even swam.

This group of guys has morphed into a team, a family, a club. We are the Slippery Otters Paddling Club and tonight, for Halloween, we will don pirate hats and become “The Pirates of Pacuare.”