I am in Turriabla, Costa Rica today. We will raft Rio Pejibaye. Today it will be Mitch, our guide, and me. The river is high and strong because of the recent rains. It should be an interesting trip. We are rafting with a new company, and this is their first trip. The company is new, but the guides are experienced. In Costa Rica many of the raft guides work as independent contractors and they go where they are needed. The raft we will use will be rented from another company. In Turriabla all of the guides and rafting companies know and seemingly get along with one another. It is interesting to hear stories about the older guides who have mentored the younger ones. Here it is all connected, and everyone relies on each other. In Turriabla everyone is fond of saying, “Safety First!” The guides I have worked with here have all been very professional and safety conscious. This new company is the first female owned rafting company in Costa Rica. Karol, the owner is fighting against a macho culture. She is highly respected and I have high hopes for her.

Pura Vida!