FAQ: Are any of the businesses and people that you mention in your blog compensating you for your endorsement?

Great question, and the short answer is no. I am not paid by anyone or any business for what I share on my blog. I am not paid for endorsements and I am not getting any discounts from the companies that I do business with. If I ever do, I will share that in my blog entry. I would love to monetize this platform but right now all I am focused on is producing good content. I love to write and I hope to become a better writer. When I have a negative experience I will share it on these pages but I will not name names in this public forum. When I have a positive experience I will share names and contact information. I have been asked to review a few products. When I do write a product review I will tell my readers that I was given a product to test and review.


Photo: Rio Pacure, Costa Rica